• Sherryl Brunner

Time for change?

This year, I have experience so much growth and changes in opportunities in my life. I have seen my confidence soar and my depression diminish. My focus has shifted from here and now to what can be!

Somewhere along the way in this transition, I have noticed that my Prayer Full Creations sales have significantly dropped off. With reduced sales, my desire to create new products has almost completely faded away. I have just paid $324 to renew my website for one more year, I find myself contemplating if the effort is worth it. Due to lackluster spring sales, I didn't sign up for any outdoor events for July or August, I have product placed in one store in Dover that I will be removing at the end of the month, due to lack of sales. I will pick up holiday events beginning with our local art and craft fair in October. I can't seem to get people to visit the website and the thought of revamping the entire thing is a bit daunting at the moment. Perhaps there will be a rebirth later in the year, time will tell.

It may seem odd, with this lack of sales income, that my depression remains completely at bay. But I know why! You see it is in the transition, it is wrapped up in what I am looking forward to. The ministry we also operate has just taken a giant leap of faith and purchased an old vacant school complex in our small town. It is our desire to convert these buildings into a healing and wellness center, guesthouse, prayer room, affordable/transitional housing and a prayer park.

Intertwined with the healing will be a variety of creative opportunities. Opportunities to learn to wire wrap jewelry, to make natural herbal based body and home care, to learn about essential oils along with learning to quilt, knit, crochet, paint, dance, cook and make music. At this Spa as we are calling it, you will also be able to receive counseling, prayer, massage, aromatherapy massage, and naturopathic medical services.

So, for the next couple of years, my focus will be on getting the Well House Healing Spa up and running and jewelry making will take a back seat. I still have nearly 180 pieces already made and hope to have them up on the website sometime. As always, the apothecary items will remain on my website and are easily made in small batches for special orders.

This shift also gives my dad a break from cutting and shaping stones. At almost 81 years old, I'd like to see him be able to do more fishing, watching baseball games and enjoy his garden. He deserves the break. Besides, he already has more than enough slabs cut to keep me busy for way more than I can imagine. And maybe this year my parents will spend some time in Texas or Alabama over the winter. Mom can still enjoy the sunshine and dad can do some fishing instead of rock hunting!

Today, my you ebrace the transitions in life, may you find joy in what is to come and may you follow your dreams where ever they may take you. Blessings upon blessings!


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