• Sherryl Brunner

As one door closes, another opens

So much has happened in the last year! Our ministry finally closed on the buildings, my mom was diagnosed with stage IV cancer, the ministry got zoning approval to move forward, then COVID-19 hit and that changed the landscape, especially for artisans who relish face to face interaction with customers.

Financially, this website will have to be eliminated the end of July. I will still have a Facebook page and you can see me at the Rushford Farmer's Market on Tuesdays through the summer. I will still make essential oil based products because I love them and use them and want to share them. I will still make jewelry because it draws me closer to my Heavenly Father who created the stones, and my earthly father who cuts and shapes the stones.

I get a lot of joy from the prophetic prayer that comes from the worship and creative activity. It is this element that will be carried forward and shared as our ministry begins to move forward in these strange and unsettling times. Now truly is the time for my ministry and my mom to take the front seat.

Please connect with me via Facebook - Prayer Full Creations and if you are drawn to, please support our ministry - Well House Ministry - as we launch this faith based holistic health and wellness center - Well House Healing Spa. It will be loaded with prayer, creativity, counseling, natural health and wellness education, recreation, healing and fun.

May you be richly blessed in all the works of your hands and may your heart be overflowing with joy!


Contact me:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Telephone:  1.507.459.0367

Monday - Friday: 9am - 3pm central


300 South Burr Oak St., Rushford, MN 55971-8811

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