• Sherryl Brunner

Ahh the smell of Spring?

I took some time off this winter to reassess my goals, life purpose and calling. Many years ago, the Lord reminded me that in winter, farmers would take the time to rest and sharpen their tools for the upcoming planting and harvest seasons. So that's what I did. I rested (getting the flu twice also forced me to rest . 3 weeks after the fall craft fair season and 3 weeks after returning from Arizona). I also sharpened my focus.

In January, I took a trip to Arizona to do more rock hunting with my dad and also learned to shape and polish cabochons - now I can invest more prayer in the making of the pendants and have a hand in working the stones before they are wrapped. I also spent time studying essential oils, their qualities and uses. I am starting to make specialized essential oils blends for people to use as a part of some wellness coaching I have begun to do. And now, there is the shop...

Today, I have quietly opened a small store in downtown Rushford. I expect we will do a big splash later in the month. If you are in town, I'm in the Abundant Life Fitness building, stop by and check out the goodies for sale. Little did I know a week ago, when our weather was sunny and in the 40's that yesterday we would get our worst snowstorm of the winter! But then again, it is March and basketball tournaments are just getting started. I have begun to call March weather whiplash weather because it changes so rapidly! With the temps staying above freezing, I would imagine the snow will be melted by the end of the week. I do feel sorry for the Robins people have seen and it is fun to look at the deer trails in our backyard - they seem to enjoy playing in the snow! Take time for a deep breath today, marvel at the beauty of fresh snow.

The joy of the Lord is my strength this season. There are doors opening I could never have imagined. While I've had a prophetic sense of what is coming, the lights along the path are getting brighter as I move forward - helping to confirm I am on the right path. As scripture says in Proverbs 16:9: The mind of Man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.

May you take time today to rest, sharpen your tools in preparation for the upcoming planting and harvest seasons, and take a deep breath - you can smell spring is on it's way. The new season, new life, new fruit, new growth, be richly blessed.


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