• Sherryl Brunner

Preparation for what lies ahead

Today I have been spending time getting all those little things that I've left undone for the last couple of months. You know those things, they keep bugging you as they come to mind, you know that left undone too long and they will bite you in the backside. Those things that you find tedious and uninteresting and really wish there was someone else that could do them for you....

For me, that includes updating websites. I have the ministry site updated and look forward to the upcoming classes - especially the Biblical Healing Oils class. Being healthy, the way God intended is a passion of mine.

I have lot of essential oil blend recipes, and have made a few and sold a few, just haven't taken the time to take photos, upload them and get them on this website. That is my goal for this week. I have some homemade rose oil waiting to be turned into body lotion, more tummy tamer and peace and calm roll-ons to make this afternoon... that's where my heart is - in my creativity room, creating... Yet here I am, infront of the computer screen typing, pouring my heart out...

My prayer is that the upcoming craft fairs will be successful, and that I will have to create many new jewelry pieces and begin a new rhythm of creating, photographing and posting largely at the same time. Rather than trying to accomplish it all at once for the 80 or so pieces I have on hand right now.

What lies ahead, classes, creativity time, and the upcoming holiday season. Joy is in the air as the trees turn color and the air is crisp and cool. I live this time of year!


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