• Sherryl Brunner

Time flies!

Where does time go? In the last month it seems like I've accomplished nothing, yet my life has been busy. I heard a phrase several years ago, but am not sure how to properly credit it - the phrase was busy is being under satan's yoke, which for my life in the last month is rather true, I must admit. While I continue to pray, and press in to the LORD, I find that there are many new things that dangle their glitter in front of my eyes and I am distracted and off in a new direction. Unfortunately, when that happens other important tasks (like managing a website) take a back seat.

I still have 75 pieces of jewelry to get photographed and posted to this website and several more items in the apothecary line to add as well. Updates to make on our ministry website (wellhouseministry.org - check it out), a ton of weeds to pull from my front flower garden and will have a bunch of tomatoes to preserve in the next week or so.

My prayer this season, as we enter into autumn - my favorite season - the colors, the brisk air, the harvest season is so festive is that I will remember to take the time to cherish the moments. Savor the flavors of the season. Rest in the One who has given me the miracle of life and time, may you find time to rest in Him and hear His voice amidst the glitter and dazzle of busyness. It is then you are truly productive and not burdened with all that is on your plate. Peace!

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