• Sherryl Brunner


I have been working with computers for nearly 40 years, I marvel at how far they've come since the days when we programmed moving one dimensional green stick men to walk across the screen! I really don't like working on computers. I'd much prefer to use my creative side to engage with materials that turn into something tangible - like jewelry or lip balm! So embarking on this adventure to set up a website and begin to sell the fruit of my creativity online was a challenge I really did not want to undertake.

I fought it, I tried to find others people who could use their talent to help, apparently, the LORD had other plans. I received a prophetic word that "setting up the website would be simpler that I expected". While I am amazed by the templates that are available, I am still not confident the un-named computer programmers and truly held my had enough to assure that I can manage this site and the sales properly. My prayers turned to pleas, which built in me a courage that said "you can overcome this, it is not tedious, view it as an adventure". While there is still a bunch of work to do and many more items to get added, my prayer has become a declaration that each hour spent putting this together will be restored to me in prayer full creating time - for that is my happy place!

I truly do marvel at what the LORD has created in plants and how they interact with our bodies to support our healing process. It truly is His will that we all be in the place of Shalom, or "Holy wholeness" as my husband says, that place of divine health in our bodies and our homes.

I also marvel at the tiniest of detail is not overlooked in His creation in the earth. Have you ever looked at a rock and wondered what's inside? Each piece of jewelry is a piece of nature, created by God to be opened up to reveal its inner beauty and to shine for all to see. I believe the prayers surround each piece, carrying with it the atmosphere of heaven to surround the wearer. Selah (pause and think about this)!

I pray you will visit this site often, and that you will sense the love of God each time you visit these pages.


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